LibraryXS™ Is an Ipad App that gives students the ability to access all of a school resources with a single sign on. (SSO)

with just a one time login through the app you can access the entire schools database for any subject without having to login multiple times or search threw pages.

Almost every resource in the app has a description on what it does/is, By clicking on the "?" You can read that description. Making it easy for students to find what they need to finish any project.

LibraryXS™ can access your infinite campus, gapps, and moodle. Some resources (like schoology) will open the official app or if the app is not installed on the ipad yet, it will take the user to the App Store to download the app. 

Having LibraryXS™ on student ipads we believe that it will increase the use of school resources and make it easier on students to access them as well. 

LibraryXS™ can be customized for each school. Providing resources that may only be available at a specific school. (Like The School newspaper) 

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